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It’s more than just a directory with talent agency phone numbers and emails,
but we have those too.


Find A Talent Agent

We show you the talent agencies looking for new clients and then let you match your type and submit to them.

As a result, you get to streamline the “seeking representation” process, saving time and targeting the talent agents that are actually looking for new clients like you. We’re putting your acting career in your hands.

Projects In-Production

Knowing what’s filming in your area brings you one step closer to landing the acting job that’s right for you.

You need to know the active projects in your area.  You’ll get the competitive edge knowing what types of projects are filming and the styles of the projects looking for your type. Doing the research on active projects pays!

Industry Insights.

Get the competitive edge with industry specific tips that can help you get discovered and promote your career.

Get tips and tricks that can bypass years of frustration.  We have years of experience to share with you that save time and money.  Don’t wait for something to happen.  We have the shortcuts to Hollywood.

Professional Workshops.

Gain valuable insight from our industry’s leading professionals who want to help you succeed and be your best.

We invite only the best agents, managers, and casting directors to facilitate our workshops ensuring you the most relevant and up to date information to get you noticed and ready for your next big break.

  • Working Actor Membership
  • $12 month / $79 year
  • Industry Insights to help your career.
    Learn what the big agencies are doing for their clients and how you can do the same thing.
  • Agency Contacts that includes submission requirements
  • Projects In-Production with location and casting director information
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Most Resumes are not properly formatted and either contain needless information or don’t highlight relevant achievements. We not only put your resume in the proper format, but we highlight achievements that get results so you stay one step ahead of your competition.

  • Resume Service
  • $99.99
  • Professional resume analysis by former talent agent
  • Industry standard format
  • Cover Letter that gets results
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We are happy to help you locate an agent that is right for you. We know it’s a lot of work to get signed, but we are willing to help you with the process. No guarantees, but we can be successful finding the right agent for you!

  • Agency Submissions
  • $599 for 3 months
  • Materials review and organization
  • Submissions to commercial agents
  • Submissions to theatrical agents
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Our classes and showcases are designed to get results. The best way to learn something is from people who are doing it everyday at top companies. Learn the business from working industry professionals! Small class sizes and limited spots

  • Showcases with Industry Professionals
  • $50 to $100
  • Agent and Managers Showcases
  • Project Pitch Showcases
  • Materials and Social Media workshops
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You need a website to showcase your abilities and to market yourself. We will create a custom website for you! Unlike other companies where you rent your site and they control your information, you’ll own it. We’ll even teach you how to update it with content and link to your social media. You have total control!

  • Custom Website
  • $299
  • Custom website with portfolio
  • Link to social media, youtube and vimeo
  • 3 to 5 pages with contact form
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